Abims Shey – You Know Mp3 Download

Abims Shey – You Know Mp3 Download

Abims A.K.A (Man on fire) is a Nigerian sensational and exceptional Christian hip hop artist, a medical laboratory technician and a dancer, Abims has just released his long anticipated jam

Abims ‘Shey You Know’ Mp3

“SHEY YOU KNOW” This song has been a blessing to him personally and decided to bless the world with it,
SHEY YOU KNOW” Is a song of praise to God, do we even know that God really deserves our praise??
listen to the song and be blessed.
Abims is not planning on Stopping this Music till his death.
Lyrics: Abims ‘Shey You Know’ Mp3 Download & Lyrics 2022
Song lyrics
(Revelation 4:2-3)
( Chorus )
Shey you know to him be the praise,
shey you know to him be the glory,shey you know na him be the oba
there is no one like him,there is no one besides him( 2*)
Abims ‘Shey You Know’ Mp3 Download
First verse :
Shey you know His the king on the throne aiii
And I will speak of his word even if my tounge is tied
than for me to reject Christ toh i rather die
no matter how drunk they are they can never be higher than the most high
they want us to get cold sai kache kankara
but we keep burning the city mun zamo gobara
Saman jirgi muke sukuma mottan Kara
if the gist no be for Christ sai su gapara
mstewww danla
Jesus Christ is my pillow toh akansa zamu jingina
I wanna be rooted in him
na zamo jijiya
inbaka da Yesu pama kake da tuwon jiya
i wanna be drunk in him
bani holy ghost giya
his the way his the life yurr
when I’m going left he bring me to the right turn
I can die for the gospel
I can take a bullet from a gun
I’m not hear to punch line but to preach Christ
only him came and die
na him pay the price
show Christ to the world and not ur six packs
 six packs who e epp
(who e epp guy)
real guys sing praises to the most high
his the king on the throne omo full time
evryday steady giving glory no time
everyday new songs to the most high
(back to Chorus)
Revelation 4:10
Abims Shey – You Know Mp3 Download
second verse: Shey you know his the bread of life
zamu chi mu rayu,
bamai taba jadashi two seconds wai yarayu
his the way his the life and
Uba ne ga marayu
Iwo eledumare koseni todabire
mabere fuwo logo titi li li
his the king in the throne no be lie lie
see na him dey make me high no be kinkin
na him dey make me belleful no ne mie mie
the King in his asunders
your loving kindness everyday I remember
my talent my skills everything I remember I’m married to dis king and no can put in asunder
his the king on
his the king on the throne
ama worship my king
ama worship my king till I die
(back to Chorus)
Abims Shey - You Know Mp3 Download
Abims Shey – You Know Mp3 Download
You all can reach “Abims”on his social media handles
Instagram: @Abims_moses
Twitter: @Abimsmoses1
Facebook page: Abims da man on fire
WhatsApp: 07038956549

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